Mapped Network Drive with WMP12 and UPNP/Xbox 360 RRS feed

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  • This has been beyond frustrating and no one seems to have an answer.

    Basically I have shared drives on a windows 2008 Server that I need my windows 7 workstation to be able to share to my Xbox 360 through wmp12. All files show up and play fine on the Windows 7 workstation's wmp, but not on any of my upnp devices (XBOX and PS3). local files steam just fine, but files located on my network drive show up but wont stream.

    I've followed this guide for WMP 11:

    Sharing your media

    despite giving rights, setting the network service to sign in using an account that can access the remote shares and changing the registry I'm still unable to stream network files to my xbox or any other upnp device.

    I have a syslinked folder and using mklink /d shared created links to my mapped network drives.

    they now show up in media player, and the folder is also setup to be indexed. The xbox can even browse the remote folders and see all the files. However when I choose a file located on a network drive the xbox says the file is incompatible. These are WMV files which had no problem playing and are fully compatible.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    P.S. Microsoft not allowing server 2008 to stream to upnp devices through WMP is the stupidest thing I've seen... Windows Home Server can but the high end server 2008 cant? then to top it off client systems cant share the remote folders on the server!? wtf, does microsoft do no testing!? Icing on the cake.. WMP 11 with the registry addition of EnableRemoteContentSharing works but the new wmp12 doesnt.. brilliant...
    Saturday, January 30, 2010 11:52 AM