BisonCam, NB Pro


  • Finally found and downloaded drivers to use BisonCam, NB Pro.  The camera works.  Continued to look for Movie Maker that automatically came with XP.  I should not have to "look" for and "download" special anything with a laptop that comes with SQL and Visual Basic.  How STUPID!  Microsoft is wasting my much precious time.

    The camera DOES NOT come active in Movie Maker, the program does not recognize the included camera.  I can download video, pics from camera etc.  Cannot use BisonCam, NB Pro with Movie Maker in Windows 7.  I should not have to buy a separate laptop cam to use with Movie Maker.  I also should not have to copy paste or correct anything in the registry system.  Thank you.

    By the way, yes I'm PO'ed.

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010 2:45 PM