Disabling UAC and desktop folders/files missing


  • Hi All,

    Had the weirdest thing happen today and just wondered if anyone has had the same experience, I had to disable UAC on one of our users laptops because of some issues with updating some software he has, I disabled UAC like I have done a hundred times before and after a reboot the user logged in to find ALL their desktop folders/files vanished, they had completely vanished, they were not even in the Recycle Bin. I cannot possibly see how disabling UAC could cause this to happen in anyway. The laptop is on our domain, has Windows 7 32-bit Pro installed and user has power-user access. My initial thoughts were that a new profile was created for him or he had been assigned a temporary one but this wasent the case.

    I managed to recover the folders/files but I'm determined to get to the bottom of why it would even do this. Anyone had something similar happen? I cannot see a connection between me disabling UAC and this happening.



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  • Hi,

    I am not sure what's the reason caused this issue. How about the situation in Safe Mode? 

    Whether the issue persist When you enable UAC again.

    In general, you can try to the following suggestion to make desktop Icon restore.

    Method 1 

    Check if Show Desktop Icons is unselected:

    1. Right click the desktop
    2. Select View -> Show Desktop Icon
    3. Make sure the option is checked.

    Method 2

    Rebuild icon cache follow the below mentioned steps
    1. Open Folder Options to select (dot) Show hidden files and folders.
    2. Open a Windows Explorer window.
    3. Go to C:\Users\ (User Name)\AppData\Local

    4. Right click on IconCache.db and click on Delete.
    5. Click on Yes to confirm the deletion.

    6.Restart the PC.

    Method 3

    Disable all the <label>Anti-virus software</label> and firewall for check.

    Hope this helps.


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    Wednesday, February 20, 2013 4:49 AM