Stop Error code: 0x0000007B


  • Alright I'm not sure what happened but the next morning I tried to log on (after using it the night before) it would get to the Startup screen with windows logo flashing and then it would go to a blue screen for a split second (which shows the Stop Error code: 0x0000007B) and reboots the computer. And same thing happens when it reboots. I've tried "Launching Startup Repair", didn't work, so I went ahead and looked up my problem on some forums. I found that you can easily solve this by reinstalling the system (all my data will be gone, but I'm fine since luckily I've backed important files in my USB, though preferably I would still like to keep the data)

    I've burned the installation program into a DVD-R disc and tried to boot my computer from the CD/DVD Drive. I changed all my BIOS settings so that it would boot from my CD but it just won't! I've also tried booting the CD from the Boot Menu but it would say "ERROR: no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed." Now I can't even reinstall the Windows system (Windows 7 Ultimate). Any suggestions on how to overcome this whole problem or have I tried everything possible and should use my (dodgy) warranty and give it for repair?

    Sunday, July 29, 2012 4:30 PM


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