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  • One of the most annoying things in Windows GUI behaviour is that a new window can (and it will!) appear right in front of you when you're reading an important e-mail, review, document, etc. For example... I work with a lot of windows openned at the same time and usually change among them often. I click at some hyperlink and change (ALT+TAB) to another application. It may take some time (or not), but Windows will take the focus back to the browser window immediatelly when requested by a script or a pop-up.
    Or when you open a large PowerPoint ppt file from the intranet. While it's being transferred to your desktop, you keep working with Microsoft Outlook and start do reply an e-mail, and suddenly.... ARGH! Windows change the focus again... at it's will and desire!
    It would be perfect if there was a way to change "Windows Change Focus Behaviour".
       1 - When a new window opens, change the focus immediatelly to the new window.
       2 - When a new window opens, keep the focus at the current window.
             2.1 - The new window blinks at the taskbar.
             2.2 - A notification appears at the notification area. (or at the application area in the taskbar)
             2.3 - Do nothing.

    Gustavo Papaléo

    Monday, January 19, 2009 3:42 PM

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  • Agreed.  TweakUI used to have a feature that let you prevent "focus stealing".. something like that is what we need.  It could be intelligent.  If you haven't done any manual focus changing since you clicked (you are waiting) then let the popup dialog come up and let it have the focus.  If after you click, you have manually switched windows, then don't let the new dialog steal your focus.  A kludge that might be easier to implement would be something like "Prevent new windows from stealing focus for 10 seconds after I manually switch windows"
    Thursday, August 27, 2009 4:03 AM
  • I forgot about this, but I actually remember this.  Tweak Ui was awesome.  I don't even think there's a tool like it right now.
    Sunday, July 12, 2020 1:06 AM