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  • I'm running a Compaq laptop, and trying to hook up my keyboard into it. Windows 7 detected it, but had no drivers for it, and now isn't detecting it at all.

    It's an hp sk-2960 keyboard; I also can't find drivers. How do I make it work?
    Saturday, May 9, 2009 8:41 PM

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  • Go to Compaq's site, download the latest drivers, you may have to use compatability mode to get the install program to work, but try without first..If this don't work post the model name and model number of the laptop
    Saturday, May 9, 2009 9:11 PM
  • Didn't work.

    It's a Presario CQ60.
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 2:34 AM
  • Aren't they the same company now?, did you try compatability mode?, after the drivers install try either disconnectig the keyboard, reconnecting or go in device manager and try updating the driver
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 2:59 AM
  • It's not detecting the keyboard *period*
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 3:04 AM
  • You running 32 or 64 bit?
    Is this a ps2 type or usb keyboard?
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 3:11 AM
  • 32-bit windows 7. It's a PS/2 keyboard in a USB adaptor. I'm pretty sure the adaptor is working.
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 3:15 AM
  • when the device is connected, does either it or an unknown device show in "device manager"?
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 4:31 AM
  • No. Nothing shows up.
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 4:49 AM
  • ok here is what I am getting
    "5070-2536 - HP Pavilion Media Center Multimedia Keyboard PS/2 (5188-6077) SK-2960

    Keyboard : HP multimedia keyboard (Bluebird) with PS/2 connector - Internet (web), audio, and media control buttons (United States)

    HP Media Center m8000n home PC RX881AAR, RX881AA
    HP Media Center m8013w home PC RX882AAR, RX882AA
    HP Media Center m8100n home PC GC673AAR, GC673AA
    HP Media Center m8125x home PC GM441AAR, GM441AA
    HP Media Center m8200n home PC GN551AAR, GN551AA
    HP Media Center m8300f home PC GX611AAR, GX611AA
    HP Media Center m8330f home PC GX612AAR, GX612AA
    HP Media Center m8400f home PC KJ377AAR, KJ377AA
    HP Media Center m8430f home PC KJ376AAR, KJ376AA
    HP Pavilion Media Center m8307c home PC KC878AA
    HP Pavilion Media Center m8325f home PC KE571AA
    HP Pavilion Media Center m8327c home PC KE637AA
    HP Pavilion Media Center m8407c Desktop PC KN226AAR, KN226AA
    HP Pavilion Media Center m8425f Desktop PC KJ295AA
    HP Pavilion Slimline s3401f Desktop PC KJ308AA
    HP Pavilion Slimline s3407c Desktop PC KJ269AA
    HP Pavilion Slimline s3420f Desktop PC KN231AAR, KN231AA
    HP Pavilion Slimline s3421p Desktop PC KJ309AA
    HP Pavilion Slimline s3430f Desktop PC KN495AAR, KN495AA
    HP Pavilion a5020a home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ446AAR, RQ446AA
    HP Pavilion a5025d home PC (Asia Pacific) RT601AA
    HP Pavilion a5035l home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ495AA
    HP Pavilion a5037l home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ496AA
    HP Pavilion a5040a home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ447AAR, RQ447AA
    HP Pavilion a5055d home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ499AA
    HP Pavilion a5058d home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ500AA
    HP Pavilion a5060a home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ448AAR, RQ448AA
    HP Pavilion a5090d home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ501AA
    HP Pavilion a5098d home PC (Asia Pacific) RQ503AA
    HP Pavilion a6000n home PC RX885AAR, RX885AA
    HP Pavilion a6009n home PC GC515AAR, GC515AA
    HP Pavilion a6010n home PC RX900AAR, RX900AA
    HP Pavilion a6013w home PC RX886AAR, RX886AA
    HP Pavilion a6019h home PC RY871AAR, RY871AA
    HP Pavilion a6020a home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ552AAR, RZ552AA
    HP Pavilion a6028x home PC RY873AAR, RY873AA
    HP Pavilion a6030a home PC (Asia Pacific) GG782AAR, GG782AA
    HP Pavilion a6030n home PC RX887AAR, RX887AA
    HP Pavilion a6035l home PC (Asia Pacific) GB227AA
    HP Pavilion a6037c home PC RY874AAR, RY874AA
    HP Pavilion a6037l home PC (Asia Pacific) GB228AA
    HP Pavilion a6040a home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ553AAR, RZ553AA
    HP Pavilion a6040n home PC RX889AAR, RX889AA
    HP Pavilion a6042n home PC RY875AAR, RY875AA
    HP Pavilion a6044xe home PC RY876AA
    HP Pavilion a6045d home PC (Asia Pacific) GC323AA
    HP Pavilion a6045x home PC RY877AAR, RY877AA
    HP Pavilion a6046d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG712AA
    HP Pavilion a6057c home PC GC517AAR, GC517AA
    HP Pavilion a6057d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG036AA
    HP Pavilion a6058d home PC (Asia Pacific) GB232AA
    HP Pavilion a6060a home PC (Asia Pacific) RZ554AAR, RZ554AA
    HP Pavilion a6109n home PC GG038AAR, GG038AA
    HP Pavilion a6110n home PC GG781AAR, GG781AA
    HP Pavilion a6112n home PC GG039AAR, GG039AA
    HP Pavilion a6113w home PC GC658AAR, GC658AA
    HP Pavilion a6118l home PC (Asia Pacific) GL312AA
    HP Pavilion a6118x home PC GN587AAR, GN587AA
    HP Pavilion a6119h home PC GG041AAR, GG041AA
    HP Pavilion a6119l home PC (Asia Pacific) GL213AA
    HP Pavilion a6120a home PC (Asia Pacific) GC677AAR, GC677AA
    HP Pavilion a6120n home PC GC670AAR, GC670AA
    HP Pavilion a6123w home PC GL307AAR, GL307AA
    HP Pavilion a6129l home PC (Asia Pacific) GS285AA
    HP Pavilion a6130a home PC (Asia Pacific) GS291AAR, GS291AA
    HP Pavilion a6130l home PC (Asia Pacific) GG005AA
    HP Pavilion a6130n home PC GC671AAR, GC671AA
    HP Pavilion a6135 home PC (Asia Pacific) GG006AA
    HP Pavilion a6137c home PC GG789AAR, GG789AA
    HP Pavilion a6140a home PC (Asia Pacific) GC678AAR, GC678AA
    HP Pavilion a6142n home PC GG045AAR, GG045AA
    HP Pavilion a6150a home PC (Asia Pacific) GS292AAR, GS292AA
    HP Pavilion a6150d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG007AA
    HP Pavilion a6152n home PC GC672AAR, GC672AA
    HP Pavilion a6155d home PC (Asia Pacific) GG008AA
    HP Pavilion a6160a home PC (Asia Pacific) GC679AAR, GC679AA
    HP Pavilion a6167c home PC GM276AAR, GM276AA
    HP Pavilion a6200n home PC GN556AAR, GN556AA
    HP Pavilion a6202n home PC GN696AAR, GN696AA
    HP Pavilion a6203w home PC GS354AAR, GS354AA
    HP Pavilion a6207c home PC GV443AAR, GV443AA
    HP Pavilion a6212n home PC GN699AAR, GN699AA
    HP Pavilion a6213w home PC GN558AAR, GN558AA
    HP Pavilion a6217c home PC GV460AAR, GV460AA
    HP Pavilion a6218x home PC GV446AA
    HP Pavilion a6219h home PC GN701AAR, GN701AA
    HP Pavilion a6220a home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ559AAR, GQ559AA
    HP Pavilion a6220n home PC GN559AAR, GN559AA
    HP Pavilion a6223w home PC GN560AAR, GN560AA
    HP Pavilion a6230n home PC GN561AAR, GN561AA
    HP Pavilion a6234x home PC GN704AAR, GN704AA
    HP Pavilion a6235x home PC GV447AAR, GV447AA
    HP Pavilion a6240a home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ560AAR, GQ560AA
    HP Pavilion a6242n home PC GN706AAR, GN706AA
    HP Pavilion a6244n home PC GN702AA
    HP Pavilion a6245n home PC GV465AAR, GV465AA
    HP Pavilion a6248x home PC GN707AAR, GN707AA
    HP Pavilion a6251d home PC (Asia Pacific) GV347AA
    HP Pavilion a6252dk home PC (Asia Pacific) GT722AA
    HP Pavilion a6260a home PC (Asia Pacific) GQ561AAR, GQ561AA
    HP Pavilion a6262d home PC (Asia Pacific) GV348AA
    HP Pavilion a6300f home PC GX613AAR, GX613AA
    HP Pavilion a6302f home PC GX765AA
    HP Pavilion a6303w home PC GX624AAR, GX624AA
    HP Pavilion a6312p home PC GX766AAR, GX766AA
    HP Pavilion a6313w home PC GX626AA
    HP Pavilion a6317c home PC GZ729AA
    HP Pavilion a6317l home PC (Asia Pacific) KC895AA
    HP Pavilion a6318f home PC GX769AA
    HP Pavilion a6318l home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ733AA
    HP Pavilion a6319f home PC GX770AA
    HP Pavilion a6319l home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ734AA
    HP Pavilion a6320a home PC (Asia Pacific) GX723AA
    HP Pavilion a6323w home PC GX627AA
    HP Pavilion a6330a home PC (Asia Pacific) KE640AA
    HP Pavilion a6330f home PC GX614AAR, GX614AA
    HP Pavilion a6330l home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ712AA
    HP Pavilion a6332f home PC KJ169AA
    HP Pavilion a6333w home PC KC746AAR, KC746AA
    HP Pavilion a6334f home PC GX773AA
    HP Pavilion a6340a home PC (Asia Pacific) GX724AAR, GX724AA
    HP Pavilion a6340d home PC (Asia Pacific) KC883AA
    HP Pavilion a6342p home PC GX776AA
    HP Pavilion a6345f home PC GZ614AA
    HP Pavilion a6350a home PC (Asia Pacific) KC896AAR, KC896AA
    HP Pavilion a6350d home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ709AA
    HP Pavilion a6352f home PC KE570AA
    HP Pavilion a6353d home PC (Asia Pacific) KC894AA
    HP Pavilion a6355d home PC (Asia Pacific) GZ710AA
    HP Pavilion a6357c home PC GX759AA
    HP Pavilion a6360a home PC (Asia Pacific) GX725AA
    HP Pavilion a6400f home PC KJ379AAR, KJ379AA
    HP Pavilion a6402f Desktop PC KJ296AAR, KJ296AA
    HP Pavilion a6403w Desktop PC KJ387AAR, KJ387AA
    HP Pavilion a6407c Desktop PC KQ422AA
    HP Pavilion a6410in Desktop PC KQ286AA
    HP Pavilion a6412p Desktop PC KJ297AA
    HP Pavilion a6414f Desktop PC KJ299AA
    HP Pavilion a6417c Desktop PC KJ402AA
    HP Pavilion a6418f Desktop PC KJ300AAR, KJ300AA
    HP Pavilion a6419fh Desktop PC KJ301AA
    HP Pavilion a6420a Desktop PC KJ323AA
    HP Pavilion a6430a Desktop PC KJ324AA
    HP Pavilion a6430f home PC KJ378AAR, KJ378AA
    HP Pavilion a6430l Desktop PC KN296AA
    HP Pavilion a6432f Desktop PC KJ302AA
    HP Pavilion a6433w Desktop PC KJ385AAR, KJ385AA
    HP Pavilion a6434f Desktop PC KJ303AAR, KJ303AA
    HP Pavilion a6437c Desktop PC KJ400AA
    HP Pavilion a6440a Desktop PC KJ325AA
    HP Pavilion a6440in Desktop PC KQ287AA
    HP Pavilion a6442p Desktop PC KJ304AA
    HP Pavilion a6445d Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) KQ472AA
    HP Pavilion a6450in Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) KQ311AA
    HP Pavilion a6452f Desktop PC KJ307AAR, KJ307AA
    HP Pavilion a6453d Desktop PC KN293AA
    HP Pavilion a6455d Desktop PC KN294AA
    HP Pavilion a6457c Desktop PC KN228AA
    HP Pavilion a6460a Desktop PC KJ326AA
    HP Pavilion a6460d Desktop PC KN295AA
    HP Pavilion a6465d Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) KQ527AA
    HP Pavilion a6480a Desktop PC (Asia Pacific) KQ425AA
    HP Pavilion s3012n Slimline home PC GC519AA
    HP Pavilion s3020n Slimline home PC RX890AAR, RX890AA
    HP Pavilion s3023w Slimline home PC RZ389AAR, RZ389AA
    HP Pavilion s3027c Slimline home PC RY882AAR, RY882AA
    HP Pavilion s3037c Slimline home PC GB220AAR, GB220AA
    HP Pavilion s3100n Slimline home PC GJ474AAR, GJ474AA
    HP Pavilion s3120n Slimline home PC GC665AAR, GC665AA
    HP Pavilion s3122x Slimline home PC GM286AAR, GM286AA
    HP Pavilion s3123w Slimline home PC GC659AAR, GC659AA
    HP Pavilion s3127c Slimline home PC GG787AAR, GG787AA
    HP Pavilion s3137c Slimline home PC GG058AAR, GG058AA
    HP Pavilion s3200n Slimline home PC GN566AAR, GN566AA
    HP Pavilion s3220n Slimline home PC GN567AAR, GN567AA
    HP Pavilion s3223w Slimline home PC GN568AAR, GN568AA
    HP Pavilion s3230l Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) GT723AA
    HP Pavilion s3242x Slimline home PC GN712AA
    HP Pavilion s3300f Slimline home PC GX615AAR, GX615AA
    HP Pavilion s3301f Slimline home PC KE553AA
    HP Pavilion s3307c Slimline home PC GZ727AAR, GZ727AA
    HP Pavilion s3320f Slimline home PC GX616AAR, GX616AA
    HP Pavilion s3321p Slimline home PC KE624AAR, KE624AA
    HP Pavilion s3323w Slimline home PC GX628AA
    HP Pavilion s3385d Slimline home PC (Asia Pacific) KQ265AA
    HP Pavilion s3400f CTO Slimline home PC KJ375AAR, KJ375AA
    HP multimedia keyboard plus HP optical mouse GC567AV
    Pavilion Media Center m8204x Desktop PC GN687AA
    Pavilion a6114x Desktop PC GM367AAR, GM367AA
    Pavilion a6214x Desktop PC GN697AAR, GN697AA
    Pavilion a6218l (Asia Pacific) GS192AA
    Pavilion a6219L (Asia Pacific) GS193AA
    Pavilion a6228x Desktop PC GN703AAR, GN703AA
    Pavilion a6230l (Asia Pacific) GS198AA
    Pavilion a6235L (Asia Pacific) GS199AA
    Pavilion a6238x Desktop PC GN705AAR, GN705AA
    Pavilion a6258d (Asia Pacific) GT706AA
    Pavilion a6314f Desktop PC GX768AA"
    Evidently a popular keyboard,
    goinng with the last model listed, the a6314f, I would try the "original multimedia keyboard driver" for Win Vista x64
     the download page is ;
    the driver set up for PS2 installation, have you used this keyboard with an adapter before?
    Either way try installing this file, if it doesn't work after the install and reboot, I would like you to look in device manager for any "unknown devices" or anything else that might have a question mark or possibly represent your keyboard...

    Sunday, May 10, 2009 4:52 AM
  • That program requires the 64-bit Vista to work. I'm running 32-bit 7.
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 5:07 AM
  • When I installed Windows 7, it told me my "keyboard filter" wasn't compatible. Is the problem, and if so, how do I resolve it?
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 5:12 AM
  • If that don't work, I suspect that either the ps2 to usb dongle or we need a Win7 specific driver, being as the keyboard is quite common, hopefully HP writes a Win7 driver..
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 5:21 AM
  • But why isn't it detecting my keyboard? Nothing happens when I plug it in, now. The keyboard lights up, but the computer doesn't pick it up.
    Sunday, May 10, 2009 2:58 PM
  • Hi, I'm having the same Keyboard Filter issue on my Compaq CQ40. Everything seems to be working fine except for the FN+HOME (Mute sound) function. Combed HP/Compaq sites , no wins. I'm on RC1 32-bit.
    Friday, June 12, 2009 4:07 AM
    Saturday, September 29, 2018 11:05 AM