Setting up email accounts in Windows 8 / RT


  • I tried to set up an email account using the mail icon on the start page.  I use outlook in windows 7 so I attempted to add my Outlook account by entering my email address and password to Windows 8.  The message was returned "We couldn't find settings for (my email address).  Provide us with more info and we'll try connecting again."  I added my Username and left the Domain field blank as my ISP said they don't use one.  Again a message was return that the settings could not be found for my email address.  I added the server address and again the message "unable to connect."  I next tried "view all in Settings" and selected "other account."  I selected POP and received the response "Mail doesn't support POP3 email accounts."  What is the work around so I can add my email accounts to this computer/tablet?

    Also I am able to access my website but when I log in for email the page just hangs.  Can you help?

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012 12:33 AM