Folders have disappeared


  • I have a whole subset of folders that have disappeared in Windows 7 when I access them through my computer folders.  This is a work folder that contains all my orders sorted by customer.  When I go to the sub folder "orders" there should be folders for each company.  Instead is just a list of the files, no sorting by customer files.   I can see the folders sorted if I access them through a program such as Adobe Reader (the majority of the files are PDFs). 

    I have for some time had an issue with this folder that if I was looking in the files and went back it would do a similar thing but if I went up one more file level and came back down to orders it would right itself.  Now they are all missing.  I have checked a few of the folders from Adobe reader and they are not marked as hidden.

    Help, this is the quickest way to access these files and they are important.

    Thursday, April 04, 2013 3:18 PM