IE 9 Certificate Errors


  • I have a fresh install of Windows 7 Enterprise with IE 9.  All updates have been done.

    I am trying to navigate to an SSL web page that runs under a self-signed cert.  For a long and valid list of reasons this is not going to change.  In the past (e.g. IE 8) I would get a certificate warning page after which I could click on "Continue to this website" and it would take me to the login page.

    In trying this in IE 9, after clicking past the certificate warning all I get is "Internet Explorer cannot display the page".  No opportunity to view the certificate, or continue to the page.. nada, it just refuses to serve up the page.  I have:

    - added the site to my Trusted Sites list
    - checked and ensured that SSL and TLS are all enabled.
    - repeatedly re-set IE to defaults
    - tried uninstalling update #KB2585542 (found this on a forum post somewhere)
    - searched in vain for any sort of Event Log entry

    This is beyond frustrating.  Not only is IE 9 arbitrarily deciding what I can and cannot browse to but it isn't offering up any sort of way to troubleshoot / mitigate what is happening. 

    I'd appreciate any suggestions on how I can get past the warning and view the page in question. 



    Friday, July 27, 2012 12:39 AM

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