Redirecting 'My Documents' to network drive.


  • New problem that has me stumped. This is a problem we are experiencing on Windows 7 machines only, but works fine on Windows XP.


    Redirecting 'My Documents' to a users H:\ drive which stores all their personal, and work related files.
    Now, after we right click, move the location to H:\ we enable offline files (Only for laptops) and let them sync
    No problems yet, everything is running fine.

    We go to the server where the files are stored and here is where the fun begins.
    2 Desktops, 2 Laptops, they are connected to the 'H Drive' (users folder i.e: JSmith, JDoe, DSmith etc)
    I logon to the server and go into the drive and what I see are the folders: Document, Document, Document, Document
    Click on one and it'll bring up JSmith as the folder path i.e: c:\hdrives\JSmith do that to another and it'll bring up the same results but with JDoe etc
    I right click on one of these 'Document' folders and try to rename them - they all rename at the same time. So if I name them Testing, all folders will also be named 'Testing'
    I use the UNC path from my local workstation to access the admin share to check out the names - they aren't named 'Document' but 'My Documents' if I rename them from here the names will stick.
    The icon from these folders are also different from all the other ones that are connected to XP machines.

    Does anyone know whats going on or if this is some sort of 'feature' of something in Windows 7? This is just confusing me lots.



    Server Specs

    Dell 1850

    Windows Server 2003 SP2 R2 Standard
    Intel Xeon 3Ghz
    2GB Ram





    Monday, April 19, 2010 7:54 PM


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