DNS stops working in Windows 7


  • Hi,

    I have a problem i am experiencing on my laptop since i moved from Win Vista to Win7. Sometimes the internet connection stops working. I know i am properly connected to network since i can browse shared folders on other computers and also i can access the router. However DNS is not translating anything sometimes. And its not a problem of the router, because other computers running vista/XP works fine. I tried ipconfig /release * and /renew *. It helps but only for a couple of minutes. After a while its stops translating addresses into IPs. Certain services however still works like skype for example. Only solution to solve once this happens is to reboot the system. This happens if i am connected via Wi-Fi. Especialy after waking up the laptop from sleep mode. But even if i disconnect from wifi and connect via cable it still doesnt works. /release and /renew helps, but only for a 2 minutes or something like that. This happend undependably on router i am connected too. Happens at work, at home, at airport. Onlything what helps is to reboot the laptop. Any suggestion how to fix this problem with DNS without restarting laptop everytime ?


    Friday, July 09, 2010 3:48 PM


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