Remote procedure call failed


  • My computer's been running perfectly fine for a year and half now, but lately it's been having these strange errors that are really getting annoying. It happens whenever I try to open an image, be it .jpg, .png, .bmp, whatever. If I double-click it once, the cursor turns into the little "loading" wheel for a second, then goes back to the pointer. Picture doesn't open. I can do that all day, double-click, wait, nothing.

    I tried hammering the mouse, clicking like 50 times in a row on it, and that makes the computer think for a few seconds before popping up a whole mass of error messages (one for every click) which say the name and location of the image I'm trying to open, followed by "The remote procedure call failed." Nothing else is on the message except an "OK" button. After I close down all of these, I can open images normally for a few minutes, and then it'll just stop again. It's really getting annoying.

    I've set the RPC service to automatic and it's always running. I've run malware sweeps using three different programs and removed several issues that way, but the problem persists. Help?

    Saturday, May 05, 2012 12:47 PM