Windows Media Player Won't Play Avi Files?


  • Hi,recently my windows media player won't play AVI files, it plays music and everything fine. But when ever i try and watch movies on my computer that i have watched before, as soon as i double click the file it comes up with a 'windows media player as stopped working message'?

    I have just tried updating divx codecs but it is still doing the same thing? I am not sure why it as started doing this all of a sudden, the videos i want to watch i have already watched with windows media player in the past but now its not letting me.

    Also i have noticed when i used to click the video files, a little divx icon appeared in the bottom right hand corner of the tray whilst windows media player was loading the file. But not now, although my windows media player stops working as soon as i double click the video file so the divx coder might not have chance to load up ...?

    But as i say i can still listen to music and i have tried adding a movie file to the 'playlist' whilst windows media player is playing a song and its fine untill the song finishes and it skips to the movie file, it does the same thing, comes up with a stopped working error.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks
    Wednesday, February 03, 2010 5:13 PM

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  • It's probably a problem with the codecs.

    Uninstall all codecs the system and then install only one codec pack.

    Thursday, February 04, 2010 11:35 AM