Problems with Win8 file sharing with Win7...


  • Hi!

    Due to a mixed network of WinXP, Win2000 and Win7 computers I've had to stay away from the 'home sharing' thing and use a setup I got from one of  the Win network forums--this is detailed at the end of this post.  (I do 3D animation and have a development desktop and laptop plus five more PCs I use as a render farm).

    My development laptop recently went out so I got a new one which came with Win 8. I attempted to use the same network setup on it however although it can now access and/or  'see' many things on many PCs, all the stuff  I really need shared from my main development win7 desktop (let's call this system MainWin7) I cannot get to. The Win8 notebook can see the shared folders but I get the 'not enough privileges' error when I try to access the folders.

    One really weird thing is that the only thing the win8 notebook can see and access on MainWin7 is a share I made to an external backup drive. As an experiment I created a share on MainWin7 to the C drive (exactly the same privileges) and again the Win8 notebook sees it but can't access it (gets the same error).

    It's crazy.

    BTW, I have a wireless network which shouldn't matter.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks for any help!!


    Current Network Setup which got all my assorted OSs sharing OK and which I applied to the Win8 notebook :

    • Home Networking is not setup
    • Network is a "Work" Network
    • Computer names are unique and less than 11 characters long and all computers belong to the Workgroup IS.
    • Adapter Properties:
      • Unchecked : TCP/IP 6
      • Unchecked : Link Layer Topology Responder
      • Unchecked : Link Layer Topology Mapper
      • TCP/IP 4 Properties:
        • Obtain IP and DNS Address automatically
    • Folder Options:
      • Unchecked: Use file sharing wizard
    • Advanced Sharing Settings:
      • On: Network Discovery
      • On: File and Printer Sharing
      • Off: Public Folder Sharing
      • Off: Multimedia Cataloging
      • On: File Sharing w/devices using 40 or 50 bit encryption
      • Off: Password Protection Sharing
      • On: Use Username/Passwords to connect to other computers
    Wednesday, December 12, 2012 6:44 AM