Using the file open dialogue prevents malloc from accessing memory


  • Essentially, under w7, opening a file using the file-open browser (both "XP-style" and "New-style") prevents malloc from working 100%.  A malloc call, (via a Fortran "ALLOCATE" call) which has been called repeatedly successfully, eventually fails, but only if the file-open dialogue has been used.  It works OK under XP-32, and works OK if I hard code the filename to be read, but fails under W7-64 and W7-32.  There is plenty of memory available.

    Using ProcessExplorer, I can see that, when it runs successfully, total memory usage (Peak Private Bytes) is at about 980Mb.  If I use the file dialogue, the program fails at around 750Mb.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012 3:09 PM