How do i type Japanese(Kanji) in Windows 7???


  • I haven't installed a keyboard output language in a while (probably since XP) and i was wondering if i could get a step by step explanation on how to install Japanese.

    I think i've done most of the work for you guys(i think).

    First off i downloaded the Japanese language packet from updates, then i added Japanese as a second keyboard output..... but now that i have the language toolbar sitting on my desktop i can't seem to get it to either stay on the Japanese output OR can i get it to type in Kanja or Hiragana (the only link on the toolbar is kana(Katakana) and it works perfectly when i press it......... HELP!!!

    I have homework i need to complete via typing Japanese and now i'm stuck at what seems like the most simple step... what am i missing??? THANKX!!!
    Wednesday, July 01, 2009 6:26 AM