Internet keeps disconnecting


  • Recently got the new Win Vista Home Premium...and i've managed to successfully set up an internet connection.

    I have two problems, really.

    My first problem is that when i'm browsing the internet at regular intervals the internet will prompt me to re-enter my ISP details and connect again. I click cancel and then Internet Explorer goes to [Working Offline] mode. But when i click 'refresh' it asks ' you're currently working offline Connect/Cancel". I obviously connect. But instead of asking for my ISP details, it just connects. Understandably this is very irritating as it happens all the time, over regular intervals. How do i stop this? It really is tedious as it interrupts web-browsing.

    My second problem is that, if i'm signed into Skype or Windows Live Msnger, and walk away from the computer...obviously i would like to stay connected incase  a friend pops online and wishes to talk to me. I do not wish to sit by the computer 24/7. But my computer goes into a powersaving mode (no screen saver); and automatically stops an internet connection; hence being signed out of skype and WLM. When i wake my computer up, it automatically goes onto the screen where you select your user account. Previously on XP it didn't do that; it resumed the session of who ever the last user was; is this the cause? But anyway, more importantly how do i fix it so that i'm always connected to the internet if my pc is on? (so that skype and msnger remain signed in even if i am not by the pc).

    Any help would be much appreciated!




    Friday, February 23, 2007 11:38 PM