How to bulk modify the Windows 7 Backup and Recovery settings on company.


  • There are about 500 Windows 7 laptop computers on my company. They are joined the AD and they all have startup the auto Backup and Recovery feature. The OS will be auto backup the system image weekly. Users use the domain account to login the system, and they are in the Power User Group. So they cannot changet he backup settings.


    1. Can the backup setting change by Power User Gruop' user? Or just change by Administrator Group's user? Other way for Power user to change the settings?

    2.Can the backup setting deploy by  Group Policy object? e.g. setup the backup schedule time, backup files saved path, what data need to backup.And some settings we want to change by GPO.  I find the policy cannot configure the specific settings. Other method to deploy the settings ? Such as change the Registry.

    Friday, January 25, 2013 6:23 AM

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