What is Error Code: 0x0000005D meant for, with the Windows 8 RTM installation?


  • Trying to figure out why Windows 8 RTM would not install, on my well-preserved computing machine, was a dedicated effort, but for those with less spare time than me, I will tell a secret.

    Windows 8 demands the NX bit to be implemented in a satisfactory processor.  Mine which debuted in 2004, a Celeron D, failed the test on this one single score.

    My best attempt at installation went like this,.. copied Windows files (100%); prepared files for installation (27%); then a first reboot, and...

    Error Code:  0x0000005D, followed by four hexadecimal parameters. 

    That was the best I could do after many tries.  Microsoft was good, and provided the installation iso, as well as several mounting methods.  What threw me was that Windows 8 Developer Preview had installed nicely, and ran well for me, but with the RTM Microsoft has decided to tighten the security screws, so to speak, by requiring the NX bit to be implemented.

    (Responsibility cheers our helpful progress!)

    Sunday, August 26, 2012 1:19 AM