Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop DVD/Rewriter disappears?


  • Hi there I own a dell inspiron 1545 and I was on windows vista before doing a whole custom install of Windows 7. Now the driver for my dvd drive is the "TSST - TS-L633B 12.7 TRayload 8xDVD" Now It worked as soon as I installed windows 7 but now its totally disappeared in the device manager list and does not show up in the devices apart from my hard drive. I have noticed in my Bios that its not showing up neither apart from my hard drive so how can I make my bios recognise my DVD/CD Rewriter and as for the "Driver" its not being recognised neither.

    I can't play any dvd's or put a software disk into my drive as it won't play anything at the moment. Like i said I installed windows 7 and right from the beginning it did not recognise my dvd drive but as soon as I went into the control panel and adjusted the power setting to "High performance" it recognised my dvd drive. Then what I did I put it onto "Balanced" power setting and then went back to the "Devices" and it has totally disappeared again. So then I put it back onto the "High performance" setting again and now still nothing as it did not appear after I did that. So can anyone please help on this subject as I believe a lot of people owning a "Dell inspiron 1545" laptop are having the same problem as I am and I do believe it is a big problem after moving over from "Vista" to "Windows 7" as I did a custom install.
    Thursday, December 10, 2009 5:31 PM


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