Windows 7 as a VPN server


  • I have a friend who wants to be able to connect to their small office network using a VPN link.  We tried going with a new Netgear router & their Prosafe VPN software which turned out to be a complete disaster (never did link up).  I then read about adding an incoming VPN connection to a Windows 7 PC.  I know that only 1 incoming connection is allowed at a time, and that I need to port forward tcp 1723 to the "vpn server" from the router.  My question is, how does this role of a vpn server affect the Windows 7 PC?  Does this need to be a dedicated PC or can you use a standard workstation, set it up properly for VPN server and still be able to use the workstation as normal AND allow a single VPN connection to it at the same time?  Thanks.



    Saturday, August 27, 2011 6:09 PM

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