How to share XP mode internet connection with windows 7


  • Hello,

    I have windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits and XP mode installed. i am trying to connect to a 3G network using the Huawei e160 USB modem. However this device is not compatible with Windows 7, and when I plug it it is not correctly detected, it just detects a memory drive. I have already checked fro updates on the Huawei page and there is no update available for Windows 7. Now, I went into XP mode and installed the modem application & drivers and it is running, but I just get internet access when I am in XP mode, and no access from windows 7. Is there any way that I can share the internet connection so that I can use the XP mode internet access from Windows 7 as well?
    Tuesday, December 22, 2009 11:08 PM


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  • You may configure Internet Connection Sharing in XP Mode. You may refer

    How to configure Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP

    In XP Mode, you may enable two virtual network adapters. One for Internet connection and share it. The other for the connection between Windows 7 and XP Mode. Set the IP address for the one for Windows 7 connection to

    In Windows 7, set the IP address to Set its Default Gateway to

    Arthur Xie - MSFT
    Thursday, December 24, 2009 10:14 AM
  • Hi Arthur

    I have a similar situation except I am using a SSL VPN - Web based connection and it requires an interactive login, I'm trying to get the VPN connection from virtual XP mode's IE6 to allow my Windows 7 Outlook 2007 for Exchange.

    I've attempted to use ''Internet connection Sharing'' (on the virtual XP) with the SSL VPN, which creates a PPTP modem, as the internet interface and the local network as the LAN interface but I don't know which adapters should be on the LAN interface. The ssl VPN will also only authenticate through a web interface as well so by having the VPN connection as the internet interface I can't get the VPN even started. The situation is further complicated because the host computer's internet connection is sometimes provided through a 3G card and sometimes through WiFi.

    So my question is how do I share the SSL connection from the XP VM (which works perfectly fine) to the local host if the external connection requires interactive login and how to choose the correct adapter(s) for Internet connection sharing.

    /As a side note this is trying to use the Cisco-Linksys RVL200 Web SSL which doesn't have Windows 7 support/
    Friday, January 01, 2010 7:23 PM