Win8 Ent - Map drive issue to hidden network share / Shutdown option in two clicks / logon screen / UAC issues


  • Dear Microsoft 8 Support Team.

    Performing the first installation of Windows 8 Enterprise in my organisation and starting to make notes of the main issues:

    I have placed this Win8 Enterprise on the domain.

    1) How can I remove the Seattle picture login screen?  At present I need to right click on the picture to display the actual domain login option - an extra unnecessary click.

    2) Mapped drives are invoked via group policy,  our home drives use \\servername\homefiles$\ as the pathname.   On Windows 8 it does map the drive as it should do except it does not go into the correct username folder.

    For example J: \\servername\homefiles$\ but instead it does J:\servername\homefiles$

    When you access J: the user will need to open their homefiles location: J:\

    3) What is now the correct method of shutting down Windows 8 as the Start - Shutdown option has disappeared.  I have created a shortcut to shutdown the PC and Pinned it to Start but I like to be able to tell users in the future of how to shutdown their new Windows 8 desktops.

    4) User Account Control Settings does not seem to be working correctly as my domain account is a local administrator and have set useraccountcontrolsettings to Never Notify and yet when I open run command prompt or WKey-R - it is not run as administrator.

    Kind Regards

    Paul Holoway
    IT Manager

    PS Please, Please, Please bring back the Start Menu ....

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 8:06 AM

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  • 1) You dont have to right click. Just hit CTRL like you used to do with CTRL+ALT+DELETE and the welcome wallpaper will slide out of the way to reveal the logon interface. This is no different to Windows 7 and actually involves 2 less keystrokes.

    2) No idea on this one sorry.

    3) Select settings from the Charms bar to reveal the power options, or press the Windows Key + I (i). Or just press the power button on your PC and laptop which will trigger a shutdown.

    4) Even Windows 7 doesn't automatically run command prompt as administrator, no matter what you set via group policy. You still have to right click the icon and choose run as administrator. Just running cmd will run it it low privileges mode, even if you've disabled UAC notifications. So do this instead. Press the windows key, type cmd, then right click it and choose run as administrator. (or pin it to task bar, and right click on it, and choose run as administrator). Same as with Windows 7.

    And no, do not bring back the start menu. It is entirely unnecessary. All the functions that anybody used are still there in Windows 8, namely the search. Only this time there is more room for search results and they are nicely categorised. And you can search any app from anywhere in the OS.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012 5:35 PM
  • Modify the folder redirection policy. The destination should be \\servername\homefiles$\, but not \\servername\homefiles$\

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    Friday, August 24, 2012 7:49 AM
  • Dear JCB -

    Windows 7 (pro/ent) does perform Run as Administrator when UAC is turned off - perhaps you should check this:
    Start - Run and type useraccountcontrolsettings and press Ok
    Change to Never Notify and restart your computer
    Click on Start - Run and see the notification stating Run as Administrator !

    Yes - Ctrl Alt Delete does work - thank you. Would be nice that it said so!

    So with Windows 8 - Must make sure each user has "Window Key" keyboards and give training to users on using it!

    Folder redirection is set to \\servername \homefiles$\ but in windows 8 it does not action the part.

    Lets hope Windows 8 Service Pack 1 and Windows Start Menu feature pack are available soon!!

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 9:29 AM
  • I have the same problem only with Windows 8 when mapping to a home folder via script or GPP.

    \\server\users\%username%  (the mapping only goes to the the users folder but not the username i.e johndoe under it.  This works just fine in Windows 7)

    \\server\users\%username%\ does not work via GPP but if I manually map it then it seems to work.

    Thursday, November 01, 2012 4:25 PM