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    Every time I start or restart my computer, with vista home premium, I get a message that a driver is loading. After a few seconds a new message comes up saying the driver was prevented by policy. When I click on this message it says " winDriver virtual device. Installation prevented by policy." How do I rid myself of this nusance?
    Wednesday, May 14, 2008 3:40 PM

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  • i have also had the same problem for several months now. no clue what driver is trying to install or what policy is preventing it. when someone comes up with an asnwer please let me know. my machine is a sony and since the operating system was installed and supplied by them micromoney will not even accept my question without a payment of 50 bucks and no one at sony is smart enough to figure it out


    Tuesday, July 08, 2008 7:48 AM
  • A few questions to try to help you:

    1. At what point did the problem begin, or has it been there from day 1?
    2. Did you install any applications that you suspect caused this?
    3. Are you running 32 or 64 bit?




    -Tony Mann

    Tuesday, July 08, 2008 2:55 PM
  • i'm not sure exactly when it began but it was a couple of months after i bought the machine.


    i have installed numerous applications and some require drivers for communication adapters such as usb to rs-485 and usb to rs-232 for programming industrial control devices.


    i have noticed under computer managment/system tools/event viewer/windows logs/system 1000's of yellow triangle alert entries for "SpoolerWin32SPL event ID 4 Task Catagory None. I looked it up and it has something to do with connecting to a printer. i removed all unused and not connected printers but the entries remain and so does the pop up message about the driver installation.


    it is vista ultimate 32 intel T7500 and 2 gb ram.

    Vaio VGN-FZ290


    Tuesday, July 08, 2008 3:51 PM
  • This started right away. I have not installed any new applications and I am running 32 bit. Other people running vistas have told me of the same problem. Is there any to know which driver is the culpret?


    Monday, July 14, 2008 2:23 PM
  • can we please get an answer for this!

    what good is this tech net if none of the problems are ever answered?


    Sunday, August 17, 2008 3:26 AM
  • After about 50 or more reboots and disabling services with msconfig i have narrowed it down to the Microsoft Service "Plug and Play".

    With that said i have now got it disabled.

    How do i now find the problem driver? it must be in some sort of cache that can be dumped so the plug and play will stop trying to install it?

    What are going to be the consequences of leaving it disabled?

    Please answer with a solution!

    Sunday, August 17, 2008 6:49 AM
  • Mine has now started a new thing. After it says the driver is being installed it then says "win driver successfully installed" then the "installation prevented by policy" message comes up. It has done this several times but not twice in a row??


    Monday, September 01, 2008 12:11 AM
  • I have this exact same problem!!!!

    Does noone at microsoft know how to edit group policy in home premium without gpedit!!!!

    I just want to disable all vista group policy restrictions relating to driver installations!!!!

    Surely there is some registry value that I can change manually to make this problem go away!!
    Saturday, September 12, 2009 5:02 PM