Windows 7 Administrator can't save, can't move file Destination Folder Access Denied

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  • This problem should not exist.  First symptom, from Notepad2 I can't save to C:\_Work folder.  So I saved to my desktop and then tried to drag my document to C:\_Work. 

    I can use this folder when logged in as a regular user, but not when logged in as Administrator.  I've checked the permissions.  I've checked the 'Effective Rights'.  All seems good.

    I've spent hours searching for a solution.  The solutions suggest things like 'Take Ownership'.  That's not a solution.   Not every account can own the folder.  I've seen solutions like save all your files to a USB drive, delete and recreate the folder to fix the corrupted permissions.  That seems ridiculous.  I haven't tried it, but I wonder why are so many of us having this problem on Windows 7?  If deleting the "corrupted" permissions is a solution, why are permissions getting corrupted so often?  Corruption of permissions, at random, on Administrator permissions, is enough to make me scared of Windows 7.

    It seems there is a bug in Windows 7.  How can I fix the actual problem so it doesn't keep happening on this machine and ALL my other machines?


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