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  • Hi,

    I have a domain account, say  This is also my Microsoft account - it's my primary email address and it's registered with what used to be called Windows Live.

    When I set up Windows 8, it asks me for my Microsoft account during initial setup and uses that as the initial Administrator-level account for the box.  In other words, after the system is set up, I login as to start using the system, create additional accounts and so forth.

    This takes the place of the local account that you are prompted to create while setting up previous versions of Windows (you can still establish a local account during Windows 8 setup, but the default is to use a Microsoft account).

    Now I complete the setup by joining my Windows 8 system to my domain.  Then I try to login to my domain account,  Instead it logs me in to the local account??  To login to the domain account, I have to use the old notation\user.

    Is the notation for logging into a domain now considered deprecated?  I don't think so because Microsoft seems to be using it more and more.  I'm thinking Microsoft didn't really think through the ramifications of using a Microsoft account as the initial login account for Windows 8.

    So once I've gotten into this situation, how do I make a change so will refer to my domain account? I see in the local users area an account called "user" but it isn't in the format. I was thinking I could rename it to be something else but (1) the name isn't in the right format to start with so renaming the account probably won't help, and (2) the local account is connected to my Microsoft account (same password etc) so if I rename it this might break the connection.

    I know I can add my Microsoft account to my domain account once I'm logged in to the domain account and that works fine. This is different; the Microsoft account is actually a second account on the box which I am reluctant to delete because then I will have no way to log in (except maybe for safe mode) if the domain membership gets screwed up.

    What am I missing and how is this all supposed to work?

    I can imagine various workarounds, but it's annoying that Windows 8 gets me into this unfortunate situation if I just accept all the defaults and set up the system in the simplest possible way, including supplying my Microsoft account when prompted. :-(

    Monday, August 20, 2012 2:21 PM