Dosnet.inf (servicepack 2) and Windows XP N edition


  • hi,


    i am wondering why is in dosnet.inf the word "Servicepack 2" ????



    Code Block

    signature="$Windows NT$"

    d1 = \I386
    d2 = \cmpnents\starter\I386

    ProductType = 4

    MinimumMemory = 67108864

    DestinationPlatform = i386

    ServicePack = 2.0





    edit: i have corrected the title

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008 11:20 AM



    Hi Ismail,

    you got us yet again


    The issues with txtsetup.sif are real issues are we would be fixig them in subsequent releases.

    Readme and other documentation issues we have already considered.




    Wednesday, January 09, 2008 10:52 AM

    Hi Ismail,

    We do not recommend creating custom slipstream integration on N skus. /integrate switch will not work for integrating XP SP3 CD with the N RTM media. But we do release N slipstream SP3 media through official channels.




    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:03 AM

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    Hi Ismail,


    Thanks for reporting this issue with XP SP3.

    We acknowledge it as a defect with SP3 RC1 and would be fixing it.




    Thursday, January 03, 2008 9:47 AM
  • extracted from SP3_build-3264




    Code Block

    cdname   = "Windows XP Home Edition-CD"
    productname   = "Windows XP Home Edition"

    bootname1      = "Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Setup-Startdiskette"
    bootname2      = "Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Setup-Diskette 2"
    bootname3      = "Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Setup-Diskette 3"
    bootname4      = "Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Setup-Diskette 4"
    bootname5      = "Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Setup-Diskette 5"
    bootname6      = "Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Setup-Diskette 6"

    cdtagfile     = "\win51ic"

    cdtagfilei     = "\win51ic"

    cdtagfilem     = "\win51mc"

    boottagfile1     = "\disk101"
    boottagfile2     = "\disk102"
    boottagfile3     = "\disk103"
    boottagfile4     = "\disk104"
    boottagfile5     = "\disk105"
    boottagfile6     = "\disk106"

    spcdname = "Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3-CD"
    spcdtagfilei     = "\win51ic.sp3"








    the marked file doesnt exist if slipstreamed on sp2 professional cd.

    the file must be win51ip.sp2 or the lines must deleted.


    Code Block

    cdname = "Windows XP Professional-CD"
    productname = "Windows XP Professional"

    bootname1    = "Windows XP Professional SP2 Setup-Startdiskette"
    bootname2    = "Windows XP Professional SP2 Setup-Diskette 2"
    bootname3    = "Windows XP Professional SP2 Setup-Diskette 3"
    bootname4    = "Windows XP Professional SP2 Setup-Diskette 4"
    bootname5    = "Windows XP Professional SP2 Setup-Diskette 5"
    bootname6    = "Windows XP Professional SP2 Setup-Diskette 6"

    cdtagfile   = "\win51ip"

    cdtagfilei   = "\win51ip"

    cdtagfilem   = "\win51mp"

    boottagfile1   = "\disk101"
    boottagfile2   = "\disk102"
    boottagfile3   = "\disk103"
    boottagfile4   = "\disk104"
    boottagfile5   = "\disk105"
    boottagfile6   = "\disk106"

    spcdname = "Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3-CD"
    spcdtagfilei   = "\win51ip.sp3"

    cd2name = "Windows XP Professional-CD2"
    cd2tagfilei = "\win51ip2"





    edit: have professional-cd an second disc ???


    i have original home and pro labeled VRMHOEM_DE and VRMPOEM_DE. both are hologram discs and only one cd.

    i haven't see an another cd that comes with pro. only my office was 2 discs ???


    btw: same sentences available in layout.inf and also in /inc /inp directories.

    readme must also checked Wink



    Wednesday, January 09, 2008 3:50 AM

    Hi Ismail,

    you got us yet again


    The issues with txtsetup.sif are real issues are we would be fixig them in subsequent releases.

    Readme and other documentation issues we have already considered.




    Wednesday, January 09, 2008 10:52 AM
  • hi

    so, let start again Smile


    i produce my prior posting Wink



    i would test it with my home edition without N.

    i have changed the name WIN51IC to WIN51NIC and also done with WIN51NIC.SP2


    it has been succesfully integrated but then if i boot it comes the error message:


    please insert the disc labeled with

    Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 -CD

    in drive A:


    the txtsetup file in /i386/inc must be corrected to


    spcdname = "Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3-CD"
    spcdtagfilei     = "\win51Nic.sp3"



    original from txtsetup:

    Code Block

    spcdname = "Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3-CD"
    spcdtagfilei     = "\win51ic.sp3"



    then the N edition doesnt create WIN51NIC.SP3 !!!

    win51ic.sp3 was also not created. just for your information. Smile




    Code Block


    0.031: ================================================================================
    0.031: 2008/01/11 15:53:06.875 (local)
    0.031: d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\update\update.exe (version
    0.031: Slipstream mode
    0.031: Das Service Pack wurde mit folgender Befehlszeile gestartet: /integrate:F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE
    1.500:   2409 OnlyUpdatesOfLowerSPIntegrated: media has no integrated hotfixes (F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\svcpack.inf is not found).
    2.015: CreateSlipstream: pszBuildTypeInfSection=ServicePackFiles.BuildType.IA.Files
    25.109: TagFile win51ic Not Found in any Paths
    25.109: TagFile win51ip Not Found in any Paths
    25.109: TagFile win51nip Not Found in any Paths
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\asferror.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\beethov9.wm_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\bktr.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\bktrh.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\blackbox.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\cewmdm.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\cloapp.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\cloapph.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\cnt.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\cntd.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\cnth.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\compact.wm_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\contents.ht_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\controls.cs_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\copycd.wm_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\dlimport.ex_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\drmclien.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\drmstor.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\drmv2clt.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\dxmasf.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\intro.wm_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\l3codeca.ac_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\laprxy.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\logagent.ex_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mdlib.wm_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\migrate.ex_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mindex.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mp43dmod.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mp4sdmod.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mpg4dmod.dl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mplay32.ex_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mplayer2.cn_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mplayer2.ex_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mplayer2.hl_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mplayer2.in_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mplogo.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mplogoh.gi_ Deleted
    25.297: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mpvis.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\msaud32.ac_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\msdxm.oc_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\msdxmlc.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\msisam11.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\msnetobj.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mspmsnsv.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mspmsp.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\msscp.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\msuni11.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mswmdm.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\music.as_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\music.bm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\music.wm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\mymusic.in_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\newstrys.wm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\npdrmv2.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\npdrmv2.zi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\npds.zi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\npdsplay.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\npwmsdrm.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\nuskin.wm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst1.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst10.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst11.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst12.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst13.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst14.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst15.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst2.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst3.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst4.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst5.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst6.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst7.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst8.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plylst9.wp_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\plyr_err.ch_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\revert.wm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\rtuner.wm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\setup_wm.ex_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\shmedia.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\skins.in_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\sl_anet.ac_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\snd.ht_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\strmdll.dl_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\taoff.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\taoffh.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\taon.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\taonh.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\title.wm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\tourbg.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\tpause.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\tpauseh.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\tplay.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\tplayh.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\unregmp2.ex_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\videobg.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\vidsamp.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\viz.wm_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm1.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm2.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm3.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm4.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm5.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm6.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm7.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm8.gi_ Deleted
    25.312: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wm9.gi_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmadmod.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmadmoe.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmasf.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmdm.in_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmdmlog.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmdmps.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmerrenu.ca_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmerror.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmfsdk.in_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmidx.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmidx.oc_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmnetmgr.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmp.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmp.in_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmp.oc_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpasf.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud1.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud2.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud3.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud4.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud5.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud6.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud7.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud8.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpaud9.wa_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpband.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpcd.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpcore.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpdxm.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmplayer.ch_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmplayer.ex_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmploc.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpns.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpocm.in_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpshell.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmptour.cs_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmptour.ht_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmpui.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmsdmod.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmsdmoe.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmsdmoe2.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmspdmod.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmspdmoe.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmstream.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmvcore.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmvdmod.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\wmvdmoe2.dl_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\xptht33d.jp_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\xptht78d.jp_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\xptht79d.jp_ Deleted
    25.328: File F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\xptht80d.jp_ Deleted
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\layout.inf to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\layout.inf
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\dosnet.inf to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\dosnet.inf
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\syssetup.in_ to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\syssetup.in_
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\sysoc.in_ to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\sysoc.in_
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\txtsetup.sif to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\txtsetup.sif
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\nt5inf.ca_ to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\nt5inf.ca_
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\multimed.in_ to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\multimed.in_
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\shl_img.in_ to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\shl_img.in_
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\inc\oobe.in_ to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\oobe.in_
    25.344: TagFile win51nip Not Found in any Paths
    25.344: Copy of d:\2ab1f2d7b8ce19abd1ead4\i386\new\oobedn.ht_ to F:\IMAGES\VRMHOEM_DE\i386\oobedisc.ht_
    25.344: TagFile win51nip Not Found in any Paths
    27.640: Message displayed to the user: Die integrierte Installation wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen.
    27.640: User Input: OK
    27.640: Die integrierte Installation wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen.





    Friday, January 11, 2008 3:27 PM
  • i have change this lines in txtsetup and layout.inf and it never shows the "please insert... " message.

    i also added win51nic.sp3 to the root.


    Code Block

    cdtagfile     = "\win51nic"

    cdtagfilei     = "\win51nic"

    cdtagfilem     = "\win51mc"

    boottagfile1     = "\disk101"
    boottagfile2     = "\disk102"
    boottagfile3     = "\disk103"
    boottagfile4     = "\disk104"
    boottagfile5     = "\disk105"
    boottagfile6     = "\disk106"

    spcdname = "Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3-CD"
    spcdtagfilei     = "\win51nic.sp3"




    after eula when it will copy files to the disk it stops with the error:


    the sif file is corrupt or not avail.

    value 0 in the line [sourcedisksfiles]

    with the key "".

    the installation can not be continue. press F3  to abort..



    i had no chance to make it run via slipstream method (winxp home edition N)

    i have now slipstream my xp source (not n edition) with sp3 and copy the files from /i386/inc to my i386 source.

    but now it runs in an virtualmachine. .......



    Friday, January 11, 2008 4:21 PM
  • Hi Ismail,


    I think we might need to summarize the problem.

    As far as I understand, the problem you are siting is "slp install of WinXP hiome Edition N" fails.

    And you have debugged it down to a few entires in txtsetup.sif.


    Am I correct in the understanding? Or did I miss something?




    Monday, January 14, 2008 7:17 AM
  • @shashank bansal


    you are right.


    i make some entries to my home edition hence it installs winxp home N

    i have only changed the win51ic to win51nic, the integration of winxp home N runs successfull. see above.


    but it doesnt creates win51nic.sp3. while the txtsetup.sif / layout.sif is not correct (win51ic.sp3)

    when i boot it comes "please insert sp3 disc" while the win51nic.sp3 doesnt exist.


    i would say please check the winxp home/pro N again.

    the files for winxp home/pro N is not correct, so it fails during install.


    if i manually create the win51nic.sp3 on root and copy the whole /i386/ic and /i386/inc to my i386 source,

    the installation start successfull and could come to desktop.

    but i got during install about 20 messages that says some devices fails the WHQL.


    i think the N editions are not tested completely. there is much bugs in it.

    you or the technicians must test again on winxp N editions.




    note: you can ask whens unclear,

    my native language is turkish and speak very well german.


    edit: before i forgot: paste from log file


    Code Block

    2.015: CreateSlipstream: pszBuildTypeInfSection=ServicePackFiles.BuildType.IA.Files



    i have searched in update.inf and there is nothing about "buildtype.IA" :confuse:

    IC,IP, SEL,... are already exist, but what about IA ???


    Monday, January 14, 2008 12:22 PM
  • Ismail,


    I would forward the issue to the developer.





    Tuesday, January 15, 2008 10:08 AM

    Hi Ismail,

    We do not recommend creating custom slipstream integration on N skus. /integrate switch will not work for integrating XP SP3 CD with the N RTM media. But we do release N slipstream SP3 media through official channels.




    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:03 AM
  • Code Snippet
    We do not recommend creating custom slipstream integration on N skus. /integrate switch will not work for integrating XP SP3 CD with the N RTM media. But we do release N slipstream SP3 media through official channels. 





    if N versions are not recommended slipstream and comes through official channels, .....


    * why its available to slipstream N skus with sp3 rc1 ?

    * why are the affected folders available on sp3 rc1 source ?

    * why are you using complex functions/conditions in updates.inf  (if wmp do this if non wmp)

    * you dont need extra dosnet/txtsetup files that not including strings for wmp....

    * how can it be tested then on N editions, when its not working


    i will not be the only one who tries slipstream on n editions, if it can be slipstream on N when sp3 gets rtm.

    it can causes more trouble to the users.


    therefore please remove the N strings from update.inf if the N SP3 skus avail only through different channels.




    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 10:52 PM