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  • Hallo, today there are new devices that supports 5G/4G/3G LTE , external wifi modems, WWAN modules, etc.

    Some are sold pre-configured for SIM authentication over MSCHAPv2, WPA etc, and are engineered to allow SIM swap. These are particularly useful when changing country, someone get off-roaming.

    Some providers, are using the EAP AKA SIM protocol, and this is Mobile only at its core, so it is impossible to connect using standard WWAN modules, even newer one, the 5G enabled, to make such connection possible on a WIN 10 machine.

    So, I do not understand if it is an hardware problem, or a software problem.

    It is possible with every windows 10 phone, and Android from 2017 forth. It is possible to tether a phone and use that for your internet connection, but not Win 10 using WWAN. 

    What is the point of EAP AKA SIM? Why it is so difficult to ask for a product that does that, we can already connect to mobile network over 5G/4G/3G, get new phones, but nothing can substitute your(mine) laptop with a good WWAN module in it.

    I want to mantain my business configuration, to this regard, I value only top business laptop with high modularity, Dell, HP PRO, Elitebooks, or Thinkpads. 

    By design the EAP is for mobile core, that means Windows 10 has no mobile core. If that would be, with a proper WWAN module, we could use phone apps on our pc's and tablets ,which many by default, can still use SIM, but this is not the point.

    It is Win 10 core.

    Let say we could emulate win 10 mobile, we could then use emulation software, properly installed to use the WWAN module, to read our SIM data, access the 5G/4G/3G network the mobile way, and the retether the signal to our win 10.

    So, in theory, that is absolutely possible to engineer a new hybrid connection into Win 10, but do we need a WWAN module with a mobile chip soldered on it to allow WIn 10 to emulate proper mobile core?

    This is the question, what is needed to make it happen?

    If you give people that choice to get a mobile phone and a wwan module with Nokia mobile chipset, Qualcomm, Tp-Link or whatever, if people can, will buy both, so it's not an economic paradigm, it's about engineering it, if it does not exist, be it hardware, or purely at software (Win OS or Win 10 app) level.

    Say it is a provider choice to make is absolutely nonsense, if someone knows, that a WIN 10 machine, be it Microsoft Surface, Dell, HP Spectre, Lenovo X1, whatever, is being sold, and it does work with mobile core configuration (No, Samsung Galaxy Tablet is not win 10, it's a giant phone) I'm all ears.


    Ps, any other consideration is welcomed.

    Wednesday, May 16, 2018 10:04 PM

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  • I have made some confusion

    PEAP protocol is maintained in win 10, what is lacking is just6 the save credential part.

    Then with a configured smart card reader it could actually work

    What has been wrongly understood is that the connection is wifi based anyway and not cellular.

    So the real question is if it possible to  use the wan module as a smart card reader also.

    Thursday, May 17, 2018 10:13 AM