KB2761451(Nov 13) cause hard assert in IE9


  • I have a webpage that is running inside an IFRAME and it works great on all versions of IE7,8, Firefox, Chrome, IOS, Safari etc. It uses HTML5 and corresponding doc type.

    After installing the latest KB from microsoft opening webpage in IE9 now crashes with the following message:
    Message: "A problem displaying a webpage caused Internet Explorer to refresh the page using Compatibility View"

    IE9 reports Update Version: 9.0.11 (KB2761451)

    Note that this only happens when running inside an IFRAME. If I open the page separately it works fine. It is a requirement for me to run inside an iframe in this instance.

    I tried to step through the code for the webpage and at one point it crashed on a call to elem.css('border-left-width'). Eliminating that call and removing all related offending code only made it crash sometime after document has finished loading when IE9 is updating the display.

    BTW: Resetting IE9 settings does not seem to work

    After further testing it seems the error also happens when running normally(NOT inside an IFRAME )

    I was directed to ask this question here by a support engineer as mentioned here

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