local device name is already in use


  • I'm testing 7 windows 7 computers. The server is a windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, peer to peer.

    Two other clients are XP Pro and Home.

    We (all 9) can all be up and running sharing a medical database software application and then suddenly the XP machines (only) will remove the user from the program as the network path is suddenly lost and the application is essentially crashed!

    When you go to the network icon it is not x out but when you click on it, it says, “local device name is already in use.” Also, when I check the properties of the drive I am trying to reach (my server)  it shows that the disk is completely full. ( it is not full or even close).

    Full privileges are allowed.  As I said, every day starts out fine for hours and then with no warning the XP machines lose  the connection to the server and therefore the application!!!!

    My only remedy is to reboot the server and then all is well again for hours; then the XP boxes are again removed from the network server! This is now happening daily.  The only thing that has changed on this server is Windows security updates.

    This situation does have a common denominator:

    1. Server is now 64 bit Win 7 and it use to be 32 Vista that served up this med application.

    2.  I have been migrating clients from XP to Win7 except for two XP boxes.


    Any thoughts? 



    Chris Wilkerson, D.C.
    Saturday, July 10, 2010 2:24 AM


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