Error 0x80070020


  • Hello all,

    We've had the most strange situation over here.

    Deploying a few dozens of Vista images, all works fine.
    Made a new image for another classroom, whenever I myself install the image, it works 100%, whenever my colleage installs it we get the error code 0x80070020 when extracting the files is at 1%.

    We have been looking what we did different, seems after long searching that whenever selecting the image I press the down button untill the image is selected and my colleage did it by pressing "END" and then one time the up arrow to select it.

    So now we both press the down button

    But does anyone know if this is a know issue with Deployment server or that it is just pure luck how to select the image??

    Tuesday, February 26, 2008 11:31 AM