How to access internet via Bluetooth PAN if the host computer gets access to the internet via VPN


  • I have 2 laptops (PC1 and PC2) running Vista.

    My PC1 is connected to the Internet via VPN using LAN
    My PC2 is connected to PC1 via Bluetooth PAN

    Now I want PC2 have access to the Internet.

    I allowed internet connection sharing on the VPN connection, but this is not enough.

    Please tell me what else should I do.

    Saturday, November 14, 2009 9:01 AM

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  • Hey MVPs, why hasn't this seen any attention?

    I'm wondering the same now. I can't use ICS on a PAN network adapter, and I can't bridge a PAN network adapter to another connection. Not much "network" functionality in a PAN at this rate and I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 so this really surprises me.

    The NIC in my workstation died, but I have my laptop 2 feet away so this looked like a nice workaround until I can get a replacement board.
    Friday, December 18, 2009 12:35 AM
  • I've had such problem too - managed with  ezProxy - just start this on PC1 which has internet connection-  setup is real easy,
    then input proxy ip address on PC2 and checkbox "enable proxy"  - it took me 5 minutes

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    Saturday, January 23, 2010 4:32 PM
  • I also wonder what happened after XP:

    Since Vista and now also in Windows 7 (!) bluetooth connections (PAN profile) are no longer seen by Windows as a "lan connection". This also means that the ICS "sharing tab" is not available if there is just one network card in the computer, and only a bluetooth connection.

    If there are more NICs in the system (even if they are "virtual" NICs, like for virtualbox or vmware), the "sharing tab" becomes available.


    When it comes to picking from the drop-down box at "allow other network users...etc" it only offers LAN connections for the "real" and the "virtual" NICs, but NOT for the bluetooth PAN connection.


    This is clearly and surprisingly different from windows XP:

    In Windows XP (even until service pack 3) the bluetooth PAN connection is seen just like any other "lan adapter" and can be picked from the drop-down box under the "sharing tab".

    Hence in addition to the local connection features of the PAN connection, NAT and routing is also available and gives the second computer which is connected via bluetooth to the first computer (with direct internet access) full access to the internet, too.

    I wonder why this does no longer work for vista and windows 7 and I fear this is either intentional or nothing but an annoying bug (considering - maybe - that the number of bluetooth users is no longer of importance to Microsoft... who knows).


    The only way to get internet access using a bluetooth connection was by using a proxy server setup (far from ideal, in my opinion) - OR by just returning to good old XP...



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    Saturday, June 19, 2010 10:45 PM
  • I have to correct my description!

    The problem isn't a new one (introduced in vista and still present in windows 7) - instead, the problem already existed in windows xp!

    The Microsoft Bluetooth stack does not treat a bluetooth adapter like a LAN adapter. Period.

    It is, however, a matter of the vendor supplied bluetooth software (as an alternative to just using the Microsoft stack).

    So when I used Windows XP (and windows 2000, by the way) I could use the bluetooth software provided by AVM (vendor of Bluefritz USB) - which gave me a PAN connection and a bluetooth connection treated just like any other network adapter! Thus enabling ICS and/or bridging my LAN an my bluetooth adapters!

    Since the only available AVM drivers, however, dropped PAN support in their vista drivers and tell you to switch to Microsoft Bluetooth (on the fly) if you would like to use the PAN profile, you are left with the Microsoft stack which doesn't support ICS and/or bridging with bluetooth connections! And this has already been this way in Windows XP!

    I can still use the AVM bluetooth software in windows 7, but if I want to use a PAN connection, I now MUST switch the bluetooth stack on the fly (from AVM to Microsoft)! And voilà - no more ICS in that PAN connection!

    I cannot understand why AVM dropped PAN support in their software since Windows Vista. So I tend to speculate:

    - Did Microsoft make fundamental changes in PAN support and would AVM have to rewrite their software considerably in order to still provide PAN support on their own?

    - Or does AVM simply not care or have business reasons (trying to sell other products just for the old purpose of ICS via bluetooth)?

    This is all speculative.

    But to all other people who may have issues with Internet connection sharing over bluetooth (be it since Vista, Windows 7 or whatever):

    There is hope.

    Third-party software DOES enable you to have ICS via Bluetooth!!

    I tested several Bluetooth stacks:

    a) Toshiba BT stack

    b) Bluesoleil by IVT

    c) Widcomm/Broadcomm

    In each case, I had ICS working via Bluetooth!


    The only downer is the fact that none of those alternatives are available for free.


    Hope, this helps a few people.


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    Thursday, July 01, 2010 10:35 PM
  • Egman,

    I am trying to share internet from Win PC to mobile device. As per this article and from what I have verified ( browsed blueooth services offered ) no 3rdparty stack ( BlueSoleil/Toshiba/Widcomm) did support NAP on windows(XP/Vista/Win7). With out NAP I was not able to share internet from PC to mobile device ( with out 3rdparty apps installed on mobile device).

    It will be really helpful, if you know of any bluetooth stack which takes NAP on Windows ( XP/Vista/7/8 ). I was able to share internet from PC to mobile device  on Linux with BlueZ ( as NAP).

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