ImageX imaging on HP 6460b laptops creates unusable windows 7 with BSOD reboot cycle


  • I'm trying to image a set of HP 6460b laptops with a custom image that I've created with various applications and settings. The goal is to have an image that can be quickly deployed repeatedly, since the laptops are to be loaned out to others, and we want to restore the laptops to their original state, removing all of the user's information and data.

    This is being set up as a replacement of Norton Ghost, which is slow and of date here.

    Also, this process successfully works on the HP 6450b, Dell E6400, an Asus EeePC, and some other Asus netbook.

    The setup is with a windows 7 computer with a shared folder containing all of the images, based on computer model, and windowsPE running off of either a CD or a UFD.

    In all cases, I've captured the image for the computers with this line:


    imagex /capture C: A:\images\laptopmodel.wim "Windows Image Name" /check /verify


    Where A: is the network drive connected by "net use A: ..." etc.


    The problem that I am having is that, while the capture process finishes without error, and the application process finishes without error, the computer that receives the image goes through bios fine, then as soon as windows begins to load, it goes to a BSOD that flashes too fast to read anything, then reboots immediately and continues in this cycle until the power button is pushed to power off completely.

    The apply command I use is:



    imagex /apply /check a:\HPimage\6460bimage.wim 1 c:
    c:\windows\system32\bcdboot c:\windows



    Now, here's the thing that's got me stumped. If I apply the 6460b image to the original computer that the image was created from, nothing bad happens, and the computer is restored to the state it was in when the image was created. All other 6460b computers that receive the image have this problem, and I can't seem to find anything that I'm doing wrong - all of the computers should have the exact same hardware specs and setup, since we bought 50 of these all at once from HP and they arrived together on one big pallet - I can't imagine that it'd be a problem with the hardware, right?

    SO is there something wrong with the methods that I'm using, or is there something wrong with the computer we're using as the master image that's causing the problem for all the others of the same model? And if so, what can that be, since we use the same software setup on all the other models from previous years (like the Dell E6400 - it has Windows 7 and the same suite of software, but it's a different image, since it's different hardware and such) and none of those computers are experiencing the same problems that we're having with the 6460b's.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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  • I have found the source of the problem - apparently the computer that I made the master image from had the BIOS setting for the hard drive to be on AHCI rather than IDE (the default) and that messed up windows when it was applied to any of the other computers. So now I've switched all of the computers to AHCI and the image that I was having so much trouble with works perfectly, just as on all the other computers!

    Thanks for the views on this - funny that I had so much trouble over a BIOS setting that I was so sure wasn't changed...

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