Problem with Media player ( Win 7 64bit Version 12) Onkyo TX-6050 Disconnects from server after 2-5 tracks from a selected CD


  • After connecting to my server via the Onkyo remote, using DLNA mode, I select a cd to play.  The cd plays 2-5 tracks and then disconnects from the server....DLNA (no Server) is displayed on the receiver.   The receiver is connected via Onkyo wireless usb adapter.  My first thought was that it was due to a wireless LAN dropout.  I tried connecting it via a CAT 5 cable directly to the router (D-link 615).  Problem still occurs. 

    If I create a playlist in Media Player 12 and play it to the Onkyo 6050 ... the playlist plays completely...without any disconnects

    I contacted Onkyo support and they recommended that I return the receiver/amplifier as it is faulty....  I obtained a replacement unit and the problem still occurs.

    I'm impressed with the unit except for the fact that it forces you to select another cd after only playing 2 - 5 tracks (it seems to be random).

    I've turned off all the power management features on my pc, have monitored cpu usage....around a max of 12%.

    Anyone out there that has experienced the same problem?

    Thursday, March 08, 2012 12:05 AM

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