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  • I have been using 2 DPM 2016 servers to backup VMs in a 5 node Hyper-V cluster of 2012 R2 servers, using the Scale-Out Protection (setdpmserver –add –dpmservername serverX).  For the most part, it has been running well for a couple of years.

    I recently brought up a new 3 node Hyper-V cluster of 2016 servers, and added the cluster to the same 2 DPM 2016 servers, installing the agent on each of the nodes from 1 server, and then used the setdpm -add -dpmserver serverX command to add the 2nd DPM server.  

    Since I added this second Hyper-V cluster, most of the VM backups have been failing on the old 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster.  I have been able to fix some of them temporarily (error 40003, by removing the last recovery point and error 30111, by temporarily disabling the Backup integration in the VM properties) but the errors are stacking up and I'm thinking I may have to rebuild the DPM environment, sticking to Scale-Out protection of one Hyper-V cluster at a time.

    Is this supported - using a pair of DPM 2016 servers to backup multiple Hyper-V clusters using Scale-Out Protection?

    Monday, September 23, 2019 11:19 PM

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