Windows 7 update error code 9C59


  • I am living in Belgium. A few weeks ago I had a lot of problems with windows 7. Starting up my desktop started to check my harddisk and found a lot of errors. After a few restarts everything worked fine, although at one point windows said I did not have a legal windows 7 on my computer. I have an upgraded Vista version to W7. Afterwards it seemed that everything worked fine. But I encountered an update problem with AVG Antivirus Free. I couldn't update AVG anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled AVG Antivirus Free, after eliminating corrupt registry keys and others, but with no luck. After a few attempts I installed avast! Free antivirus with no problems and I can still update the program. But on the 14th march there was a major update from Microsoft. More than then updates came in. All updates were succesfull but one: Internet Explorer for W7 on x64-systems. I got the error code 9C59, but on the internet I cannot find anything about this.

    I ran a few virustools and spyware tools, but none found a problem.

    I hope someone can help me out.

    Saturday, March 16, 2013 11:44 AM