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  • I installed Vista Ulitmate on a new machine with a 750GB drive and migrated 600GB of files from my XP machine. I then did a Complete PC backup. Now I decided that I really need more disk space so I would like to build a striped dynamic volume and restore my system from the Complete PC Backup giving me everything now on a disk twice as large. To do this I booted from the Vista DVD and ran diskpart from the command tool and created the 2 disk striped volume starting with two clean drives but I did not format the volume. I then ran PC Complete Restore. When this completed I find that I have a simple volume on one of the 750GB drives and no dynamic striped volume just a blank second drive. As you can imagine the amount of time required to move 600 GB around discourages me from a cut and try approach to this problem, Is there a way to do what I want here?


    As a second related question. I could not figure out if I could restore selected files from a Complete PC backup. Also the normal Vista file backup process seems to be ignorant of the fact that I have done a complete backup and want to do a complete backup of of my user files. This behavior would seem to require that I keep two 600+ GB copies of my system around. One normal back that I can do incrementals on and one Complete PC Backup that I do do disaster recovery from. Is that just the way it is or am I missing something?





    Thursday, April 19, 2007 3:08 PM

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  • I'm having a similar problem

    Complete PC Restore fails with an error saying "the system cannot find the message text for message number" --
    I think it meant to say that the disk is too small to restore the backup on
    (because it's trying to steamroll the stripe and put a basic partition in its place).

    Is there any way to restore a backup onto a RAID?

    Thanks in advance,

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