unable to move OU - access denied !! please help


  • Hi,

    I am performing OU cleanup.

    In AD, i have a OU name called "MSA" and under that i have 11 sub-ous. My plan is to delete the MSA OU, so i am moving all the object to newly created OU called "SA"

    While doning this, i am not able to move 4 OUs from MSA to SA and not sure what causing the problem!!

    the error is "Windows cannot move the object Access denied"

    OS - windows 2003

    Troubleshooting done:

    1. My account is Domain Admin.

    2. Also to confirm, i have given full permission on both OUs for my account. But still, access denied

    Please help. not sure why the issue is for only this OUS.

    regards. dj

    Sunday, January 27, 2013 10:59 AM


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  • The OU might be protected from accidental deletion, follow the steps in the link below to determine if it's protected and how to remove the protection.

    Remove Protection Against Accidental Organizational Unit Deletion:

    Enfo Zipper
    Christoffer Andersson – Principal Advisor - Directory Services Blog

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  • Christoffer,

    Thanks for your answer and the link.  One thing I did not see in the link (and maybe I missed it) was that you need to have the Advanced Features on in order to see some of the tabs they are directing you to modify.  This had me stumped for a few minutes.  To re-enable the accidental deletion protection, just recreate the advanced security permission entry.  

    Edit - not sure if this was always there or if this is a new feature for 2008+, but you can also go to the "Object" tab when advanced view is enabled and there is a check box for "Protect object from accidental deletion" which you can just toggle on/off to your hearts content - much easier, IMHO, than having to mess with the Security Tab/Advanced stuff.



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