Permanent Solution for the "Blank Screen" problem during Startup of Windows 8.

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  • This problem is solved...

    I guess the problem is concerned with the display module controller in the BIOS which is having a slight compatibility issue with windows 8.

    This issue is solved by updating the BIOS of your Laptop/PC to the latest version. You can download the latest BIOS from the website of the Laptop company/Motherboard Company. 

    But for updating the BIOS, you have to start your computer/Laptop for at least one time in Normal Mode. So here are the steps to do so... 


    1) Boot the Laptop/PC.

    2) After the boot screen (The Circle Animation & Windows 8 logo), you will be presented by the lovely & awesome blank screen.

    3) Wait for 1 minute so that drivers load into the memory.

    4) Press the Power button of your laptop/PC for only a moment (Just Press and release it quickly. Don't hold. We don't want to shut down).

    5) This will force the laptop/PC to go into Sleep mode.

    6) When the laptop/PC goes in sleep, the laptop fan & other sounds will stop.

    7) After 4-5 seconds, press the power button again & release it quickly.

    8) Voilllaa!!! The laptop/PC starts & you are presented with the lock screen. Now..... Login! What are you waiting for! :P  

    This is not the permanent solution. It just lets you start you Laptop/PC.

    After updating the BIOS, I strongly suggest that you must download the latest graphics driver for your Computer/Laptop to avoid any further issues.

    Sunday, November 11, 2012 11:59 AM