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  • Hi all, Every few days I keep getting this message in the Notification area of my Desktop :-
    "Insert Removable Media (Important)
    Windows backup needs a CD\DVD or USB drive to continue"

    I insert a CD, Windows backs everything up, and the message disappears.
    Three days later same things happens again. I have a whole pile of CDs with Windows backup on it.
    Question: How can I stop this message from reappearing and annoying me ?
    I already have a System Restore point etc. do I really need the Backup CDs ?


    Thursday, July 16, 2009 10:42 PM

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  • Try this. Go to start-> Control Panel-> System and Security-> Action Center under Maintenance scroll to backup and click turn off messages about windows backup.
    Friday, July 17, 2009 12:54 AM
  • Hi Shelbycan,

    Thanks for your response. I'm sorry,  but under Maintenance,  I do not  see an option to turn  Backup On or OFF. 

    Friday, July 17, 2009 4:34 AM
  • Sounds like you have an automatic backup scheduled.

    Click the start orb and type backup

    Then click on back up and restore when it appears.

    If you have scheduled an automatic backup, you will see an option on the left hand side that you can click on to turn off schedule.

    Windows 7 x64 RC, Asrock K8NF6P, AMD64 3200+, 1.5GB RAM, Palit Geforce 8400GS 256MB, 500GB Maxtor SataII, Asus 1814BLT optical
    Friday, July 17, 2009 7:55 AM
  • I think I may have fixed it. I had to do another backup to a CD Rom before the option to "Turn Off Backup" appeared.
    So far it has not asked me to "Insert Removable Media". Fingers crossed.
    Thanks for all your help guys.

    Friday, July 17, 2009 6:54 PM
  • Yes, this also did it for me ( restart another backup and then cancel it: it cleared my old flag). Thanks for the feedback.
    Friday, August 02, 2013 4:27 PM