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    I very recently bought a new laptop which qualifies for the Windows 7 Upgrade. The laptop came with Vista HP 32bit but the hardware supports 64bit. I have purchased the upgrade which is due to arrive soon, but then realised i need a 64bit OS to get the most from my system.

    I have been led to believe that i will recieve a Windows 7 32bit Disk and Product Key, however i have seen elsewhere that i will get 2 disks, 32bit and 64bit and 1 product key that will work for both.

    So should i cancel my order before its too late and download a pirate version of 64bit 7? Or will the product i have purchased provide me with the 64bit OS my system is designed to run?

    Thank you
    Friday, October 30, 2009 10:16 PM

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  • So as i understand it, if you buy the retail upgrade you recieve a 32 and 64bit version of 7. But i havnt seen anything about the OEM upgrade. I hope my terminology is not wrong but what i mean is; There is an upgrade for people who bought Vista from Microsoft within the timeframe, and there is a seperate upgrade for people who bought a system with Vista already installed, within the timeframe.

    My case is the latter. Does the OEM upgrade option (offered for systems bought with Vista installed) allow you to use 64bit? If i dont recieve a 64bit disk will i be able to use my product key with my friend's Windows 7 64bit disk?

    Im really sorry if this has been covered already and im sure it must have, but i cant find it. I would really appreciate a quick simple answer please! Love you
    Saturday, October 31, 2009 9:26 PM
  • I'm not a participant tin the free upgrade program (for PCs bought on June 26 and later), but I believe that the free OEM upgarde is for like-to-like, such as Vista X86 (32 bit) Home Premium to Win7 X86 Home Premium. I believe that you won't receive 64 bit upgrade media. It may be worth requesting it from the laptop maker.

    I don't know whether the key you'll receive with the 32 bit upgrade can activate a 64 bit installation. I thought that it would not, based on what I thought to be true of Vista, but I have been assured that people used 32 bit Vista OEM keys to activate 64 bit installations.

    Good luck.
    Saturday, October 31, 2009 9:47 PM