Vista Cannot open My Computer or Save any files or create new folders


  • What is going on with Vista Ultimate? I have installed a New Evga video card 8800, as the previous one died. Now vista responds extremely slowly, and I am unable to run msconfig, I cannot open MY Computer and I cannot save files to a Folder I create. What is up with that? I installed the latest drivers from the Manufacturer of the  video card and still I get this nerve wrecking problem. What is going on?

    I have scanned and scanned my computer with five different programs and after all the findings and false positives, I still have the same problem. Does Microsoft have a clue to this one?

    I am running a Gigabyte MB Ip35 Ds3r and have updated the bios. I have a quad core duo and 2 gig of memory.

    I have over 1 terabyte of hard drive space installed.

    Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:41 AM


  • Hi Lester,


    This behavior can be caused by the installed anti-virus. I suggest that you try to disable the anti-virus and then check the result.


    If the issue persists, the user profile may be corrupt. Please boot in Clean Boot Mode, and then create a new user account.


    Create a new user account


    1. Click the Start Button, and then click Control Panel. 

    2. Click Classic View in left panel. 

    3. Double-click User Accounts.

    4. Click Manage another use account. 

    5. Click Create a new account, and type the name.

    6. Choose account type as Computer administrator.

    7. Click Create Account.

    8. Log off and log on with the new account.


    If the issue does not occur, we would use this account instead of the problematic one. Please transfer data from the old profile.


    Transfer user profile



    1. Click the Start menu, and click Computer.

    2. Click the Organize button on the left top corner and choose Folder Options.

    3. Under View tab, check the "Show hidden files and folders" box and click OK to save settings.

    4. Navigate to the C:\Users\(old user name) folder.

    5. Copy all files and folders in the C:\Users\(old user name) folder to the C:\Users\(new user name) folder. Note: To copy all files, we can press Ctrl+A, and then Ctrl+C in the C:\Users\(old user name) folder. After that, navigate to the C:\Users\(new user name) folder, click Ctrl+V. 


    However, if the issue persists in the new profile, please let me know if any error message is received. Also please let me know the version of the Windows Vista system.


    Hope it helps.

    Friday, October 24, 2008 8:02 AM