Can't print to network printer through "LPT1:" from MSDOS app in XP Mode


  • Running Windows 7 and Virtual XP Mode. Need to run a DOS app that only knows printing on LPT1:. On XP Pro PC this was accomplished by sharing the network printer then "net use lpt1:"...  on the shared port. In XP Mode I've shared the network printer that is available through the Windows 7 host. I use the command "NET USE LPT1: \\TSCLIENT\LJ2430" where "LJ2430" is the share name for the printer. I receive "System error 87 has occurred. The parameter is incorrect.". Any ideas for making this work or entirely different method for sharing a network printer on the LPT1 port. TIA.
    Thursday, November 19, 2009 9:46 PM

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  • Here is what I did:

    1. windows 7 x64 host machine connected to the internet via ethernet cable. XP mode with integartion components installed.
    2. The printer is Dell AIO 810 connected via USBon Windows 7 mcahine
    3. After starting XP mode I click on USB on the top menu of the windows and select the USB printer, that is Dell AIO 810,
    4. XP mode finds the printer, downloads the driver and installs it. I print a test page from windows.
    5. I go to the printers and faxes in XP mode and share the printer as DellAIO.
    6. I open the cmd windows in XP mode and issue the command net use lpt1: \\xpmode\dellaio
    and the command completed successfully message appears.
    7. I believe that this is where you are having problems. I tried to reproduce the error that you are having but could not.
    8. I went into the printer properties on the windows 7 host machine, selected the sharing tab and checked the option Render Print jobs on client computer. I had to do that, because after step 6, i could not see the document in the print queue of windows 7 machine
    9 I then treid to print via cmd, print c:\test.txt lpt1   and copy c:\test.txt > lpt1
    both commands sent the file in the print queues of xp mode and windows 7
    10. however, the printer that i have make a noise but does not print the DOS document

    hopefully if you can try the steps above then see if that prints.

    Also check,
    Sunday, November 29, 2009 6:24 AM