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  • Hi update I have installed it on another computer


    M/B Asrock K7S8X

    Processor AMD Athlon XP2600+

    Hard drive western digital WD800 (80GB)

    1Gig Ram  2X256 + 1X512 DDR266

    ATI Radion 9250 128MB AGP

    1X Sony DVD-Rom Drive

    1X Freecom DVD+/- RW Drive

    400 Watt PSU


    How I achieved it

    Set bios to boot from dvd drive, booted up and OMG got error code 5 could not boot from drive. Took a deep breath and had a look on the forum, found out it was because there was no driver for the dvd so the installer could not find it, anyways I installed windows XP (booting from same drive) didn’t bother loading any drivers or activating because I was not going to use XP, stuck the windows 7 disk in and budder bing budder boom started installing (selected clean install) after it had copied all files and rebooted I entered bios and set to boot from hard drive first, rebooted into setting up windows and to my amazement it completed, once it had started up found some driver problems (was expecting this) graphics card not recognised and onboard sis Ethernet adapter not recognised tried looking for vista driver for Ethernet adapter installed a few different ones with no luck. Tried looking for vista driver for the graphics card, no chance had brain wave and thought I would install a netgear USB network adapter (WG111v2) after soding around for half hour installed it and bingo I was online windows started updating and said it had found sis Ethernet adapter driver so installed it and L no good, searched for graphics driver without luck shut down rebooted for various reasons after about three times it found Ethernet adapter and installed it sweet, removed netgear adapter and stuck in network cable all was great shut down removed the poxy radion 9250 card and replaced with FX 5600XT 128MB rebooted windows found new hardware found driver from windows update and installed driver rebooted and wam sorted first impressions it looks a bit vista but have already noticed faster and I think better (not a lover of vista) anyway off to play see if I can bugger it up.


    Hope this helps someone


    Thank you and goodnight


    ATB Dave

    Ps will sort out original problem (other computer) when I get time
    Friday, January 23, 2009 8:00 PM