Internet disconnects


  • Hi,

    I work in a organization. I am having problem with my internet on my laptop.

    During my work timings there is no problem at all. am able to browse downloads and do all my stuffs without any problem. During the night time, I lock my computer so that my computer finishes with downloading, synch, etc. But midnight all my downloading and synching or any other internet activities are interupted (Stopped) because of internet getting disconnected. am not sure why there is interuption. This problem came up very recently.

    If there is some problem with internet connection then, even if it gets disconnected, it should automatically get connected when it is available. - Right ?????

    Am able to connect to VPN and able to take remote of my computer and then all the internet activity will be back again. It is as if like due to idle time something is stopping the internet to work out or something like that. I checked the battery options and everything is seems OK.

    Only I have this problem. Few of my colleagues who does the same work do not have this problem. So there is something fishy going on. Pls help !!

    Lenevo laptop - Thinkpad Edge,

    Windows 7

    Monday, November 19, 2012 3:18 AM


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