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  • Just noticed today that when I start IE8 I have two processes of iexplorer.exe running as soon as IE starts. One tab, one page loaded two processes. Two tabs two pages loaded and that gives 3 processes. Only when I have four tabs open that it starts to = processes running so 4 tabs = 4 processes and 5 = 5.
    When I start closing the tabs but not actual ie so lets say I close from 5 tabs to 1 I still have 5 iexplorer.exe loaded as processes. They also still consume the same ammount of memory as last used pages, CPU goes to 0. They disappear after couple of minutes but again only to 2 processes when I only have 1 tab open. If I start another session of ie on top of one already running I get again extra 2 processes so I have 2 instances of IE8 running with 1 tab each and 4 iexplorer.exe processes. That consumes a lot of memory in some cases. If I have youtube open with a video loading my one of my ie8 processes is around 60mb while the main one that open youtube is around 120. Add to that more tabs and your memory goes down very quickly.

    Any one else has the same?
    Sunday, June 07, 2009 8:18 PM


  • Ruscik12:

    This is expected behavior. Internet Explorer 8 runs each tab in its own process so crashing websites won't take down the entire browser. As long as you have free memory available, there is no reason for Internet Explorer to release that memory immediately. If other programs need that memory, Internet Explorer will free it up. 

    - Nick
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    Tuesday, June 09, 2009 3:11 PM

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