FIX ACTION: ASUS A78NX-E Deluxe motherboard issue


  • I had problems installing Windows Vista Ultimate.

    I have the Asus A78NX-E Deluxe motherboard with the NForce2 chipset.

    Others have had problems also all over the 'net so I'm posting this hoping, that this helps out others. The only thing that I am still working on, is the audio part (MCP) .. that might be either a non supported, like so many people are complaining to Nvidia about (drivers) or it could be another conflict with one of my other PCI cards.

    When I would try to install Vista, I would get past the "Windows Vista is about to start for the first time" page, then it would go back into the Vista setup for about 1 one minute, then reboot. I would then get a dialog box that said "Windows Vista restarted unexpectedly, please re-install again.)

    I went into the bios and disabled the usb controller. Note that I had nothing at the time of install.. plugged into the ports. I also dropped my DDR memory from 133mhz to 100mhz. I'm more thinking it was the usb ports other then the memory speed. Also the System and Bios cachable to disabled.

    After I reformated my hard drive partition and re-installed Vista, I re-enabled everything that I turn off, after I did all software and hardware updates from Microsoft.

    And I'm now all set. I think it was the usb controller over all.

    Happy Tom

    ghostrelay at yahoo dot com 

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007 2:29 PM

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