Alt+Tab back into programs causes delay after running it as admin.


  • Whenever I run games and set them as "run as administrator" via properties , I get a problem.
    First off this is my own home computer and i'm the main user with full control and what not.
    One particular game for example is world of warcraft. i've always been able to alt+ tab quickly back and forth.
    One day i checked the run as admin box in properties for the game.exe launcher file and i noticed immediately the delay. the delay only occurs when i alt tab back into Warcraft. Its still quick when i tab out. but the delay tabing back in can be from 10-25seconds. So naturally i unclicked the run as admin box but i still have this issue. for what its worth when i run warcraft in windowed mode i have no delay while alt tabbing. but i dont want to run in windowed bc it cuts back on my frames per second while i'm playing.
    Other games that run as admin have same issue. but only with warcraft do i have such a detailed situation especially with the variable that it alt tabed fast out and in instantly before the run as admin was started.

    Wednesday, July 29, 2009 10:19 PM

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