Keep getting error 0x8007371b SXS Incomplete error when trying to install Win7 SP1 or IE9


  • I've been trying to install Win7 SP1 and IE9 on a Windows 7 32 bit (Professional) machine for weeks. I've tried the readiness utility, the troubleshooter, deinstalling AV and firewall software, etc. etc. Still get the same error on a perfectly good Windows 7 32bit PRO machine. All other updates will install except SP1 and IE9. Always get the error 0x8007371b SXS_INCOMPLETE.

    I do not have a RETAIL copy of Windows 7 to do an inplace upgrade repair. I have an OEM copy (Purchased from MS) and that will not fix it. I tried another fix which had to do with

    the DISKPART renabling the automatic partition selection but that did not fix it either. I am at a loss and there seem to be a lot of other people with this problem. The MS SUR utility does not fix it....Any help would be appreciated but as I said I don't have a RETAIL copy of Windows 7...I only have an OEM copy...Thanks.


    Thursday, July 14, 2011 10:30 PM


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