Fail: handling of high-DPI/4K monitors in Win 10 RRS feed

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  • I decided to try to switch from Win8 to Win10 and main reason was that Win 10 supposedly handles better 4K screens.

    Well, not sure how it's better, but I see total fail so far. In my case my desktop is physically attached to a 4K screen. As far as I understand, some apps are buggy and as a result they are unusable on 4k screens. One such app that comes to my mind is autoruns.exe and I had that same issue with win8. However, there is something that I think was working properly in Win8 and it's not not working well in Win10: in my case I mstsc to my PC (which is attached to a 4K screen). I'm connecting from a PC that has regular screen. Both PCs are Win10. When I mstsc to remote many apps have quite weird behavior: some totally off the hook title bars, blurry fonts etc, while when connecting via remote desktop with normal screen I expect that same regular behavior as if I was physically connected to that machine. Somehow that fact that the remote machine is attached to a 4K screen makes mstsc session all messed up.

    some screenshots:

    And this one is very interesting. I have a webstorm window looking pretty messed up, so I take a screenshot of the window and paste it into paint. Note that zoom level in paint is 100%, that is window on the left and screenshot on the right should be identical, but they are far from identical in size.

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  • We recently bought a number of Dell m5510 touch enabled laptops with 4k resolution. There have been a number of issues with those devices and that display, not only with the internal display but also when connected externally. There are also two discrete display chip-sets on the device used depending on the resolution setting. I was not personally involved so my input here is 2nd hand anecdotal... thus far there's been a lot of work done around both BiOS updates and especially a lot of fiddling with the respective display drivers (no surprises here). As I understand it, things are finally beginning to settle down and work as advertised. Now, this may well not be your case as our units are very early production units of a totally new model from Dell so there are growing pains there to be sure. I guess the moral of the story is to tackle the basics first (drivers/BiOS). 


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